How to make chemical DRP rice puller

Friends in today’s world a lot people cheat in the name of rice puller. Someone make it from vibrate someone from magnet and looting huge amount of money from people.

You also Do not trap in fake news and keep your mind open. This rice puller material is not purchased by anyone.

Today I will show you how to make rice puller by chemical. I already told you making rice puller by electronic method using television CTR board.

To make chemical rice puller you have to take copper more than 100gram and mixactive metal(it is not easily available in market)

Please check following metal seller website for mixactive metal

Step 1 – you have to boil mixactive metal in any oil for 20 minutes.
Step 2- you mix this metal with copper or paste it on upper part of copper.

Now you check rice will pull from 6 inch or more then that. Or Rice to Rice Pull approx 3 inch.
In 2 minutes rice colour will change to light brown
If you press rice it will turn in powder
It will attract anti iron from 3-4 inch. Torch will diffuse in 1 minute. You will wash it Any time it will function for 7 to 8 month.
I make this article for you because you will save from fraud people who will cheat you and looting money from you.
Thank you.

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  1. Hi sir I’m krishna from chennai
    Please help me increase tourch distance or MR increase 10 to 12 inch. Currently Mr is 6 inch.

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