Learn How to Make e-DRP.

Today I will explain how cheaters use electronic DRP  to show Metal to rice function.

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As i already  explained in the previous  posts, electrostatic force of metal can attract rice grains. By using electronics and remote control boards, a electronic DRP can be made. (To show MR, FIRE, PENCIL, SMOKE & with some drawbacks Needle test also)  Total budget of project is under 2000/- Rs.

Parts List

1) Step-up Power module high voltage generator ( click here to buy on ebay.com)
2) Remote control toy car  rechargeable  type   ( click here to buy on ebay.com)
3) Some wire
4) Small thin copper  metal sheet  5cm in diameter.


Step-up Power module 500 KV (500000 V)
Don’t touch the material while testing. It will not kill you, but gives you a shock. Even though voltage is high it delivers very low current.



First open the remote controlled to car, inside  it you will find one circuit board, two motors.
Remove all the parts from inside the car
Cut the connections of front motor in  the circuit board.
Cut the connections of LED front lights (some models comes without lights).
Now Remove the connections of back motor  ( not at the board).  Remove the motor by de-soldering  its  wires.
After doing all the above steps,  you will have
1) circuit board with battery power connections and a switch between battery pin & circuit board
2) Two wires disconnected from motor
3) A small metal antenna

click the image below

Don’t worry if your car  has different type of  circuit board.
You are going to use only one motor’s output . (After taking the circuit board out don’t forget  to solder antenna to circuit board otherwise remote will not work properly.)

In other words we are using 4.5 – 6 volts coming from board to back side motor,  to power up our  “step-up power”  module which can be controlled by remote of the toy car.

See the image below ,  click on image to zoom.

Wrap some electrical insulation tape on one output wire of step-up power module. We are going to use only one high voltage output wire. Make sure that insulated wire with electrical tape is away from all other connections. Now solder the high voltage output wire ( non insulated one) to circular shaped metal plate.

After making all connections  fix all this circuit ( car circuit board & step-up power module without touching each other) in to smallest plastic box possible leaving  battery pin outside the box. And fix  switch to the box.
Now fix the circular metal plate downside to the plastic box.
Battery connecting pin  & switch should be on upside.

If you place this device inside  any copper material ( bowl, vessel, chembu etc),  the circular shaped copper metal should  touch the material’s base.  Now cover the remaining gap inside the material with cotton or papers.   Now your electronic DRP is ready, place it on a table or paper on ground. Take remote and press FORWARD  button  ( if it not works press BACK button).  If you do all the above process correctly it will attract rice grains from 6 Inches minimum.  It can bend candle flame, agarbathi smoke from one inch distance minimum.

Note: For best results  use medium sized copper material.

There are many techniques to show this fake functions. In the next post ( may be next week)  I will show another technique without using any device inside the material.

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